Everything You Need To Know About Using a Pond Liner

So, you’ve taken the plunge and decided to finally install that pond. Congratulations – ponds are classic, beautiful decor items that can transform any home or office. You’ve chosen well. Before you can build anything, though, you’re going to have to give careful consideration to pond liners. Versatile, waterproof and completely necessary, these fitted plastic … Read more

Are Pond Aerators Worth the Investment?

Koi Pond with Aerator System

It’s steamy, it’s hot, and you can’t see a thing. It’s not a sauna. It’s your pond. It stinks and looks horrible. All your beautiful (and expensive) fish are floating on the surface. Something awful has happened in your pond. As a result, your carefully cultivated fish, plants, and crystal clear water are suffering. To prevent this … Read more

8 Benefits of Using a Solar Pond Pump

8 benefits of using a solar pond pump

solar pond pumps use photovoltaic panels (or PVs) to convert energy from sunlight into energy for your pump. These pumps may be used for aeration, preventing algae from forming on the water top and especially on your pond liner, through to providing aesthetically pleasing pond fountains, being used as a solar fountain pump. Sounds simple enough. … Read more