8 benefits of using a solar pond pump

8 Benefits of Using a Solar Pond Pump

solar pond pumps use photovoltaic panels (or PVs) to convert energy from sunlight into energy for your pump. These pumps may be used for aeration, preventing algae from forming on the water top and especially on your pond liner, through to providing aesthetically pleasing pond fountains, being used as a solar fountain pump.

Sounds simple enough. But is that enough to make you switch over to using one?

As it turns out, using a solar pump has huge implications for everything from convenience, to your budget. This makes them a viable, effective alternative to conventional pumps.

But don’t take our word for it. Join us today as we take a closer look at eight great reasons to switch over to solar from your traditional pond pump.

What are the benefits of using a Solar Pond Pump?

1. Zero Operational Cost

If you’re considering making a change to a solar pond pump, your first concern might be the cost of changing up your system.

That’s fair. No matter how good of a device something is, costs will always influence your decision to switch over.

Luckily for you, solar pumps cost nothing to maintain. At all.

It’s in the nature of their construction. Running off solar energy, a pump won’t need access to your electrical grid. Its simple-but-solid design also means less time adjusting, maintaining or repairing components.

And in a world where time is money, not spending your time on your pond pump means the same as actively saving money.

2. Simple Installation

Just because you’re a pond owner doesn’t mean you’ve got a degree in water maintenance engineering. Maybe you just want to be able to get your pump, set it up, and leave it to do its work.

A solar pond pump is the way forward if you want to cut down on installation time.

No laying or insulating of wiring or power lines make the pump self-contained. This design is important because it also means the actual unit itself sets up easily, without much tweaking or adjusting.

If what you’re looking for is a no-hassle installation experience, it doesn’t get more straightforward than a solar pump for your pond.

3. Versatile

Because of their simple structure and self-contained operation, solar pumps can be used in ponds of all shapes and sizes.

No two ponds are the same, so you’re going to need a pump that can take all comers.

Looking for something to keep your koi pond aerated? Want to pump your biological pond the smart way? Effective in remote areas where electricity isn’t easy to reroute or a pond in a suburban setting, this is a pond pump that goes where you need it to.

And, speaking of where you need it to go…

4. Just the Right Size for That Fountain

This point has its own entry because, frankly, it’s not something many people seem to know is an option.

Solar powered pond pumps make for fantastic additions to a fountain because they’re often quite small. And given that your fountain is as likely to be outdoors as any pond, a solar-powered component makes a lot of sense.

Pump your fountain with a solar pump for a low-cost, easy-to-install solution you can rely on.

5. (Nearly) Completely Silent

In the list of adjectives that describe pumps of any size or shape, the word “noisy” usually comes higher than anything else.

Not so with a solar pond pump. With so few moving parts and construction that doesn’t actually have to be plugged into anything, these pumps make very little noise.

And there’s a lot to say for that. For many years, the trade-off with pond pumps has seemed to be, “They do their work, and we forgive them for the noise.”

Now you don’t have to choose one or the other. Get a pump that works hard and stays quiet with solar power.

6. Much Kinder to the Environment

This is one of the biggest reasons most people have for considering solar pumps for their ponds. Solar power, wherever it’s used, is always the environmentally friendly choice.

Standard pond pumps require an electrical connection to do their jobs. With a simple switch to solar, you can reduce your carbon footprint.

It might sound trite, but this is a good way to give something back to the environment you’re celebrating by having a pond.

7. Minimal Maintenance Costs

Operational costs feature into any investment, pond pumps included. And a big part of operating any piece of machinery is maintenance.

As we use devices over time, their components wear out and need maintenance or replacing. On a pump, this could be anything from the cabling to the electric motor, which can accumulate foreign matter during use.

Maintenance on a solar pump is as close to nothing as possible, especially when it comes to cleaning it out. Tying back to our previous point on their no-fuss design, components in these solar energy units are also less likely to break down from overuse.

8. Long Operational Lifespan

No two ponds are the same, but most of them are lifelong investments. Nobody installs a pond in their home or office with the idea that it might get taken out in the future.

With such a long future ahead for you and your pond, you want a pump solution with a lifespan to match.

Solar powered pond pumps are the answer to this problem. With very few moving parts and a power source that isn’t likely to run out anytime soon, each pump boasts an impressive operational lifespan.

Simply set them up, check in on them from time to time, and enjoy using your pump for years to come.

Discover the Benefits of a Solar Pond Pump

Whatever your pond size or layout, it’s time you forgot the power cords, weekly maintenance, and yearly replacements.

There’s a better option, and it’s powered by the sun. With a solar-powered pump in your pond, you can save time, money, and repair work with a solution that works consistently well.

Interested in learning more about the best solar pond pumps on the market today? Visit some of our other comprehensive blog pieces and find a pump that works for you.

Best Solar Pond Pumps & Solar-Powered Fountain Pumps of 2018 Review

10 Best Solar Pond Pumps and Solar Powered Fountain Pumps 2018

Welcome to our post on the Best Solar-Powered Pond Pumps of 2018.

We realise that everyone has different requirements of a pond pump, just we understand that each reader will have a different size pond, located in a different outside environment, but most importantly… each reader will have a different budget.

Therefore, we’ve identified each pump based on the size pond that it’s suitable for; Alongside the budget requirement of purchasing that particular pond pump… Making the process of choosing the ideal solar pond pump easier for you!

We’ve also featured an Editor’s recommendation for you readers with minimal time, and a section on technical specifications for each pond pump for you readers who want to learn more about the specifics of each pump.

So, let’s get to it!

What are the Best Solar Pond Pumps and Solar Fountain Pumps of 2018?

Featured below are the top 10 solar-powered pond pumps of 2018

ImageModelMax PowerSize SuitabilityPriceAvailable on AmazonEditor's Recommendation
SolarRiver Solar Powered Pond PumpSOLARIVER Solar Pond Pump412GPHUp to Large Ponds$150Buy on AmazonFor value and quality, this is our featured Editor's Recommendation.
Sunnydaze Solar Pond PumpSunnydaze Solar Pond Pump and Panel Fountain Kit396GPHUp to Large Ponds$260Buy on Amazon
Tangpan Solar-Powered Pond Pump and PanelTangpan Solar-Powered Fountain Pump365 GPHUp to Large Ponds$110Buy on Amazon
Lewisia Solar Powered Pond and Fountain PumpLewisia Solar Pond Pump Kit357GPHUp to Large PondsNot Currently AvailableBuy on Amazon
Ledgle Solar Powered Pond & Solar Fountain PumpLEDGLE Solar Pond Pump100 GPHSmall Ponds$31Buy on Amazon
Sieges solar powered fountain and solar pond pumpSIEGES Solar-Powered Pond Pump60 GPHSmall PondsNot Currently AvailableBuy on Amazon
Cosscci Solar Pond Pump and Fountain PumpsCOSSCCI Solar Fountain Water Pump60 GPHSmall Ponds$12Buy on Amazon
Feelle Solar Fountain PumpFeelle Solar Bird Bath Fountain42 GPHBirdbath/ Small Pond Fountain$25Buy on AmazonFeatures a Backup Battery
Soonhua small solar powered pond and fountain pumpSOONHUA Solar Powered Pump40 GPHBirdbath/ Small Pond Fountain$15Buy on Amazon
Solatec solar powered fountain pumpSolatec Solar Powered Fountain PumpN/ABirdbath/ Small Pond Fountain$12Buy on Amazon


SOLARIVER Solar-Powered Water Pump – $150 – Editor’s Recommendation

  • Solariver Solar Pond Pump

Pond Size Suitability: Up to Large Ponds

Based on reviews of the pond pump itself (Featured directly below), it’s clear that this pump is extremely versatile, being used in a 300 gallon koi pond, to a 12000 gallon swimming pool. Therefore we recommend that it’s suitable for Small, Medium and Large sized ponds.

Technical Specs
  • Brushless Magnetic motor, Fully Submersible , 20,000 + Hour Life, Removable filter, Easy Connector, Aquatic Life Friendly
  • Operating Voltage 12-24V, 16 foot long cable, includes 3 nozzle spray patterns
  • Maximum water Flow Rate – 259GPH @ 12V :  356GPH @ 18V /: 412GPH @ 24V
  • Max Head – 3.25 ft. @ 12V / 6.9 ft. @ 18V / 10.5 ft. @ 24V
  • 20 watt solar panel – Max voltage 17.28V – Max current 1.157A – Open circuit Voltage 20.88V – Short circuit current 1.37A
  • 1 Year Warranty – 100% Money Back Guarantee if the pump kit doesn’t meet your water pumping needs!
Pump Overview

This pump is the perfect all-rounder. It’s truly built to last, with the brushless magnetic motor offering over 20,000 hours worth of low-noise operation. The advancements in technology in these magnetic driven pumps means that this new generation of pump can handle all-day operation, as opposed to the traditional Bilge pumps which were not designed for this.

The pump has a 20W polycrystalline solar panel, this is rather powerful and should be suitable for small/medium sized ponds, whether or not you are using the pump for water circulation or more for an aesthetic purpose. The panel has a durable aluminum outer frame and includes a stake for placement.

The panel connects to the pump via a 16 foot lead, yes that’s right, a 16 foot wire! This means that you are given the freedom to place this in any position within your garden that gets the most sunlight, allowing for continuous operation. No wiring needed, all you need to do is plug in, set this panel in the sun and say goodbye to all of those expensive electricity bills! Sounds good!

In conclusion, you really cannot go wrong with this pump, whatever the purpose. We’ve heard about people using this in their 12000 gallon swimming pools, whilst they holiday for three weeks, returning to a perfectly conditioned pool, all thanks to this Solariver pump operating perfectly.


Pond Size Suitability: Up to Large Ponds
Technical Specs
  • Pump and Panel Kit – Includes two solar panels, four 3-inch extension tubes, two ground spikes, two panel brackets, 2 spray heads and 16 inch cable.
  • Provides up to 396 GPH
  • Maximum head height of 120 inches
  • Solar Panels require direct sunlight
  • Dimensions are 12″L x 10.5″W x 0.7″D
  • Weighs approximately 9 pounds
  • Includes a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty 
Pump Overview

This submersible pump and 2 solar panel kit is ideal for outdoor use, in any size pond. The pump can push out a maximum of 396 gallons of water per hour, and can spray up to 120 inches high, and with the 2 different spray heads, SunnyDaze Decor have included a few options for that wonderful water feature effect. With this being said, this pump is a great allrounder, being able to sit deep within the pond and, thanks to the 16 inch cable length connecting the pump to the powering solar panels.

Both solar panels are connected together by one 24-inch cable, and these panels must be in direct sunlight to operate at their optimal capacity. These panels do not store solar power.


Tangpan Brushless Solar Pond Pump

Pond Size Suitability: Up to Large Ponds
Technical Specs
  • Eco Friendly Brushless DC Pond/Fountain Pump 
  • Runs automatically, with no battery required
  • Solar Panel runs on 18V-15W : Glass Panel and Aluminium Frame.
  • Water Flow Capacity: 119-356GPH
  • Max delivery head : 8 meters
  • Max water height : 2.5 meters
  • Panel – Pond connector length : 3 meters
Pump Overview

The Tangpan brushless solar-powered pond pump system is an extremely versatile system, with the capability to be ran in a small/medium or large sized pond, thanks to the high maximum flow capacity.  This pump can really pump water high, with a maximum water height of 2.5 meters, and would be suitable for pond owners who value this as an important requirement.

Make note, the company Tangspan do not state whether or not a warranty is included with this particular pond pump system.


Lewisia Solar Pond Pump Kit – Currently out of stock

Pond Size Suitability: Up to Large Ponds
Technical Specs
  • This Brushless Pump runs on DC 6-24 voltage input
  • Water pump size : 3.95″L x 2.6″H
  • The solar panel runs on 17V/10W
  • Solar panel size dimensions : 13.4″L x 10.3″W x 7.1″D
  • Water Flow Capacity of 357 GPH
  • Maximum lift height is 8 meters
  • Maximum water heigh is 2 meters
  • Cable length is 10 feet
  • Total approximate weight is 3.86 pounds
Pump Overview

This specific pump is currently out of stock on Amazon.com


LEDGLE Solar Powered Pond Pump – $32.99

Ledgle Solar Fountain Pump for Ponds

Pond Size Suitability – Small Ponds
Technical Specs
  • Includes Solar Fountain/Pond Pump, Solar Panel and 7 Water Nozzles
  • Made from Polycrystalline silicon and ABS materials
  • Solar Panel Voltage (12v) and Power (5w)
  • Output Voltage of the pump (DC 6 – 12v)
  • Max water flow of 100GPH
  • Max Pumping Height of 1.2 meters
  • Max water spray height of 0.6 meters
  • Weight of approximately 1.0kg
Pump Overview

This eco-friendly solar powered pond pump is extremely similar in specification to the Luxjet 5W pond pump [Link to Amazon] with similar review status, but better customer support, which is especially important with any product that you decide to purchase online. It too is easy to install, operate and maintain, and it can be placed in any position, with no screws or plugs being required.

The pump itself has a water flow of 100GPH, and projects water to a height of 47 inches (120cm). It comes with multiple fountain nozzles, so you can swap and change whenever you feel, creating a new aesthetic water feature spectacle for your garden pond.

SIEGES Solar-Powered Pond Pump – Currently out of Stock

Sieges Solar Powered Fountain Pond Pump

Pond Size Suitability – Small Ponds
Technical Specs
  • Solar powered pond pump kit for small ponds only
  • Design for reliability and ultra-quiet operation to provide years of service
  • Small profile size makes the pump easy to hide or disguise, Suction cup mounting feet for either vertical or horizontal mounting
  • Solar energy, need no extra power, energy-saving and environmentally friendly; Starts automatically in 3 seconds when bright sunlight shines on the solar panel directly without any shadow (solar panel: 9V/1.8W; Maximum lift: 2.3 Ft/70cm)
  • This brushless water submersible pump is great for aquarium, fountains, spout and hydroponic systems. Easy to clean
  • Adjustable water flow rate, and comes with 4 different spray heads for replacement
  • Max Flow Rate: 60 GPH (220L/H)
  • Power & Voltage : 1.8 Watts & 9 V
  • Length of Power Cord: 5ft(1.5m)
  • Dimension: 1.87in x 1.68in x 1.24in (47mm x 43mm x 30mm)
Pump Overview

The SIEGES mini submersible pond pump is the perfect option for a small pond. It can create good strong flow in a small pond to provide oxygenation for the plants. It’s compact design is great for space-saving. The maximal flow rate can be up to 60 gallons of water per hour. Lift height can be up to 2.3ft.

Again, this pump should only be used for very small ponds, or small fountains. It cannot handle the same amount of water displacement as other recommended pumps, such as the Solariver pump.


COSSCCI Solar Fountain Water Pump – $12.59

Cosscci Solar Powered Pond Pump

Pond Size Suitability – Small Ponds
Technical Specs
  • Includes water pump, solar panel and 4 nozzles
  • Maximum Water Flow is 60 GPH
  • Maximum  Water Lift Height it 0.7 meters
  • Power (1.8w) and Voltage (9v)
  • 1.5 Meter long cable
  • Demensions (1.9 inch H, 1.7 inch W, 1.3 inch D)
Pump Overview

This pump is perfect for operation in shallow waters, i.e a very small pond or birdbath. As we’ve found out from people who own this pump, it only works in direct sunlight, any cloud will diminish the UV signals received by the photocell, which means that the pump will not work to it’s optimal level. Considering the inexpensive price of this pump, it’s a great little addition to your birdbath or shallow pond.


Feelle Solar Fountain Pump with Battery Backup – $24.99

Feelle Solar Powered Fountain Pump with Battery

Pond Size Suitability – Small Ponds
Technical Specs

Battery power – 10v, 1.5W
Size of solar panel: 180*25mm
Battery type:  Li-ion (rechargeable), 7.4V, 600 mAh
Water Pump power: 7V, 1.1W
Maximum water flow of pump: 42GPH
Maximum lift of pump: 1 meter
Maximum water height: 0.7 meter

Pump Overview

For those of you looking for a very small solar pond/fountain pump with a battery,  this is the one for you! The battery is charged by the photocell, which simultaneously powers the pump. Once sunlight has gone, the pump will begin to use the stored battery power it has accumulated throughout the day… meaning even when the sun goes down, your pond pump will still be functioning!

I must reiterate, this is a very small pump, and if you have a medium/large pond and are thinking about getting this over one of the more powerful pumps, I suggest that you don’t! The large pumps shown above will better aerate a larger pond, even despite not being on during the night.

However, if you have a medium/large pond and are only looking for a small visual fountain, this is a nice option!


SOONHUA Solar-Powered Fountain Pump – $9.99

Soonhua solar fountain pump for garden pond

Pond Size Suitability – Small Ponds
Technical Specs
  • Solar powered pond & fountain pump
  • Solar Panel power : 9V 360mA
  • Brushess Water Pump Power: 12V 210mA
  • Maximum Flow: 200L/H
  • Solar Panel Size: 19.1 x 17 x 2.4cm
Pump Overview

This solar powered pond & fountain pump comes with an external solar panel and stand. The pump is able to keep small/medium ponds well oxygenated which is a must if you have plants in the pond. Quick and easy setup and the company even offers a huge 24 month warranty!


Solatec Solar Powered Fountain Pump – $12.89

Solatec solar powered fountain pump for pond

Pond Size Suitability – Small Ponds
Technical Specs
  • 1.4 Watt Solar-powered small pond/water fountain pump
  • Comes with 4 different water nozzle heads
  • Maximum water height: 0.7 meter
Pump Overview

A nice addition to your small pond/birdbath for aesthetics only. Has been chosen by Amazon as their ‘Amazon Choice’ considering the 4.5* average overall rating from over 1075 customers! You cannot go wrong purchasing this solar pond kit.


What is a solar pond pump?

A solar pond pump is an environmentally-friendly alternative to a battery/mains powered pond pump, used to pump water around the pond, keeping it aerated and suitable for plants, etc. These pumps usually sit on a pond ledge or shelf, upon the pond liner itself. They are usually more expensive than conventional mains powered pumps due to the additional solar panel cost. However, are known to be considerably cheaper to run in the long term.

Pond pumps can also be used to aesthetically enhance a pond, if you’re looking for solar fountain pumps, this page has more suitable recommendations, especially for readers with smaller ponds/bird baths.

Solar Pond Pumps collect solar energy from the sun. This is absorbed through the pumps attached photo voltaic panels, also known as solar panels. The pump’s solar panel(s) are usually connected to the pump system via wires, or are in-built to the pump system.

For the pond pump to operate consistently, the solar panel must be placed in direct view of the sun and angled correctly, to prevent reflection. This is extremely important, as the power of the pump itself will vary, being solely dependent on the amount of solar energy transferred from the panel, to the pump, per second.

Therefore, it’s important to consider the availability and strength of sunlight that’s available in your garden. Notice, I did not say your pond. This is because the solar panel can be attached via a long line of wire, offering up to 15 foot of an extension, enough to place in an area of the garden which gets the most sunlight.

Features of Solar Pond Pumps

Solar Pond Pumps are a popular alternative to the classic, mains powered pond pump for several reasons. These include

  • They are easy to set up
  • They can be easily moved
  • They do not require any running costs
  • Are environmentally friendly, using renewable energy source
  • They are typically not as noisy

There are however a few disadvantages with using solar-powered pond pumps, as opposed to mains powered, these include

  • They provide less power output & subsequently lower water flow
  • More ideal for small/medium sized ponds, not suitable for large ponds
  • Cloudy & overcast days can block Solar Panels from absorbing energy needed to effectively power the pump
  • They are usually more expensive to purchase

How can I find the best solar pond pump for my pond?

There are several important factors and criteria that you should use to find the most suited solar pond pump for your garden. On a more general level, this includes weighing up the pumps functionality and ability to be able to pump the required amount of water, alongside the visual aesthetic of the pump and water effects it produces. We realise that readers will have their own unique priority and biases towards their situation and assuming you have a set budget in mind, the factor (functionality, aesthetics) which they could be able to potentially compromise on,

Going into more detail, there are some more specific factors which should be considered before making the final decision to which pump is right for your pond, these include..

Water Flow & Power Output

Generally speaking, the higher the power output, the more powerful and effective the pump will be. This power rating is determined by the unit of Wattage (W). The level of power will have a direct impact on the amount of water that the pump can handle, at capacity level, and the distance to which it can be projected into the air.

The majority of Solar Pond Pumps have a variable flow rate. This is dependent on the strength of the sun combined with the directional position of the solar panel.

This combination of factors will impact on the pump’s performance, especially on cloudy days.

Therefore it’s very important to consider the position of the pump within your garden, and place it a particular spot which gets the most continual sunlight over the day, only this will impact on its power.

Regarding pump water flow, despite having a similar output wattage, not all pond pumps provide the same strength of water flow, due to different internal hardware causing efficiencies and inefficiencies. Therefore some are more powerful than others, despite the same apparent wattage. Therefore it’s extremely important to look at photo and video footage of the pump in action, alongside customer reviews.

Regarding the solar-powered pond pumps that we are recommending readers to consider, we have featured this information, alongside links to follow to purchase the product.

If you happen to be looking for a pump with the single purpose, to function as a pond aerator and oxygenate the pond, we advise looking at our recommendations of Solar Pond Aerators. We’ve featured an extremely popular one below.

Beckett Pump

Beckett Solar Pond Pump


  • 1.5 watt solar panel
  • Power cord -9.8’
  • Nominal Voltage-7.68 V, Nominal current-195mA


This device is simply a solar aerator, therefore if your single purpose is to boost oxygen levels within your pond, this is a great solution. The relatively modest wattage of the solar panel (1.5w) indicates that it is only suitable for small/medium sized ponds. We’ve heard of people using it in 300 Gallon KOI ponds, and with it’s 4-star overall rating, it seems to be very reliable.

Luxjet Solar Powered Fountain pump

Solar Fountain Pump | Best Solar Fountain Pumps 2018


What are the Best Solar Fountain Pumps of 2018?


LEDGLE 5W Solar Fountain Pump

– Modern design Eco Friendly solar fountain pump

– Easy & flexible installation process, not requiring screws or plugs

– Water flow of 380L/H, with maximum height of 47in (120cm)

– Comes with multiple fountain nozzles (8 in total)

– Water Spray Height [Maximum} of 2ft (60cm)

– Weight of 1.02Kg


The Ledgle solar fountain pump package includes the water pump, solar panel and 8 water nozzles. This particular pump is very versatile in its functionality with it being very powerful. So powerful in fact that it is probably not suitable for a bird bath or an extremely small pond.

A little trick with this pump, if you find that the water is being propelled into the air too high, reposition the solar panel to an angle, so that it’s not directly facing the sun, this will limit the power transferred to the pump.

My only criticism of this pump is the fact that it doesn’t contain a storage battery, as when it’s very cloudy, it’s clear that the fountain struggles to gain energy to keep the fountain running smoothly. However, for the price point and considering it’s performance on less cloudy days, this pump is a fantastic option for small/medium sized ponds.


OUSI Solar Powered Fountain Pump

  • Two modes of operation – 1. Fully solar powered and works in direct sunlight, with no batteries or electricity needed. 2. extra 5-12 DC cable of water-proof interface, with a USB head to connect to electric power, therefore working day and night regardless of sunlight.
  • Eco-Friendly using operation 1, with the solar fountain pump operating entirely off sunlight.
  • Maximum water flow of pump – 220L/H
  • 16ft solar panel lead length
  • Includes 4 nozzle spray heads, to change water patterns and shapes
  • Max Water Height of Pump: 150 cm,
  • Max Water-jet Height: 60cm,
  • Allows for more than 10,000 hours of service life


The Ousi solar fountain pump is a fantastic solution for those who want the freedom to be able to enjoy their fountain all day/night without worrying about the need for sunlight, but also having the ability to select the eco-friendly solar mode of operation on those sunny days.

The separate solar panel with a long lead length of 16ft is perfect for those gardens which don’t catch the sun for as long as you would like, with the lead length giving you the ability to install the panel on the side of the house/fence/tree to prolong the pond’s use during the evenings.



FEELLE – Solar Powered Fountain Pump

  • Eco-Friendly solar powered fountain & brushless pumps system, entirely driven by sunlight
  • Able to float on top of pond
  • Max Water flow of pump is 150L/H
  • 1.6W solar panel (very efficient energy absorption)
  • Comes with 6 nozzle attachments for different water paterns and shapes
  • Max height of water flow up to 80cm
  • Fountain aerates the pond water and keeps water circulation
  • Weight of 197g


The Feelle solar powered floating fountain pump is highly efficient, with it’s in-built 1.6W solar panel and brushless pump. With over 6 nozzles to choose from, it’s a perfect all-in-one solution for anyone looking to get a solar fountain pump for their small pond.

Similar to the Ledgle, this fountain pump has to be in sunlight to work, with no internal battery. This could be a limiting factor because the solar panels are in-built, and therefore would not be suitable if your pond does not get any sunlight, unlike the Ledgle where the solar panel can be positioned separately to the fountain pump.


 What is a Solar Fountain Pump?

Solar fountain pumps provide an added aesthetic to any pond, spraying the water within the pond up into the air, usually in unique and visually attractive way.

Solar Fountain Pumps harness the solar energy of the sun through the solar panels (PV panels, also known as photo voltaic panels). They are used as an alternative to mains powered pumps, mainly because these have to be manually wired and connected to a mains socket and subsequently can be expensive to run, considering that a fountain pond pump is often turned on for long periods of time during the day/night.

Since the rate of energy, per second, collected from the sun depends on the size and quality of a pump’s solar panel, the larger the solar panel, the more powerful pump it can power.

However, with the limited physical size of the majority of affordable solar panels (below $200), they are often more suited to placement within smaller sized ponds, where the amount of water displacement required is minimal.

 Features of Solar Fountain Pumps

There are several advantages of using a solar-powered fountain pump system, opposed to a mains fountain pump. These include

  • Much easier to set up
  • Can be easily moved/removed
  • Doesn’t require any running costs
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Less Noisy

However, there are a few disadvantage of using a solar fountain pump system, these include

  • Less power output & subsequent lower water flow
  • Ideal for smaller sized ponds
  • Cloudy days can interfere with function, with reduced solar energy absorption
  • More expensive to purchase

 How can I find the best solar fountain pump for my pond?

It’s important to realise there are multiple factors that need to be considered, on a more broad spectrum balancing functionality with aesthetic features.

There are some more specific factors that should be considered when considering purchasing a solar-powered fountain pump, these include…

Power output and Water Flow

Generally, the higher the power output, the more powerful the pump will be. This will be determined by the unit of Wattage (W). The power will directly impact on the amount of water and the distance to which it can be projected into the air.

The majority of Solar Fountain Pumps have a variable flow rate, which is dependent on the strength of the sun and directional position of the solar panel in relation. This will therefore impact on its performance, especially on cloudy days. It’s very important that before considering a Solar Pond Pump, you have an idea to where exactly the pump will be positioned within the pond, giving you an indication to how much sunlight that particular spot will get, as this will impact on the power.

Regarding the water flow of the pump, despite having a similar output wattage, not all pond pumps provide the same strength of water flow, with some being more powerful than others.

To get the solar fountain pump that fulfils you needs aesthetically in it’s ability to project water up in the air, I recommend looking at the photos of the pump in action, alongside video footage.

The best Solar Fountain Pump to buy

We recommend the LEDGLE 5W Solar Fountain Pump, due to it’s incredible versatility and current level of positive feedback about its usability. At this price-point, it’s an astonishing product.