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Solar Fountain Pump | Best Solar Fountain Pumps 2018


What are the Best Solar Fountain Pumps of 2018?


LEDGLE 5W Solar Fountain Pump

– Modern design Eco Friendly solar fountain pump

– Easy & flexible installation process, not requiring screws or plugs

– Water flow of 380L/H, with maximum height of 47in (120cm)

– Comes with multiple fountain nozzles (8 in total)

– Water Spray Height [Maximum} of 2ft (60cm)

– Weight of 1.02Kg


The Ledgle solar fountain pump package includes the water pump, solar panel and 8 water nozzles. This particular pump is very versatile in its functionality with it being very powerful. So powerful in fact that it is probably not suitable for a bird bath or an extremely small pond.

A little trick with this pump, if you find that the water is being propelled into the air too high, reposition the solar panel to an angle, so that it’s not directly facing the sun, this will limit the power transferred to the pump.

My only criticism of this pump is the fact that it doesn’t contain a storage battery, as when it’s very cloudy, it’s clear that the fountain struggles to gain energy to keep the fountain running smoothly. However, for the price point and considering it’s performance on less cloudy days, this pump is a fantastic option for small/medium sized ponds.


OUSI Solar Powered Fountain Pump

  • Two modes of operation – 1. Fully solar powered and works in direct sunlight, with no batteries or electricity needed. 2. extra 5-12 DC cable of water-proof interface, with a USB head to connect to electric power, therefore working day and night regardless of sunlight.
  • Eco-Friendly using operation 1, with the solar fountain pump operating entirely off sunlight.
  • Maximum water flow of pump – 220L/H
  • 16ft solar panel lead length
  • Includes 4 nozzle spray heads, to change water patterns and shapes
  • Max Water Height of Pump: 150 cm,
  • Max Water-jet Height: 60cm,
  • Allows for more than 10,000 hours of service life


The Ousi solar fountain pump is a fantastic solution for those who want the freedom to be able to enjoy their fountain all day/night without worrying about the need for sunlight, but also having the ability to select the eco-friendly solar mode of operation on those sunny days.

The separate solar panel with a long lead length of 16ft is perfect for those gardens which don’t catch the sun for as long as you would like, with the lead length giving you the ability to install the panel on the side of the house/fence/tree to prolong the pond’s use during the evenings.



FEELLE – Solar Powered Fountain Pump

  • Eco-Friendly solar powered fountain & brushless pumps system, entirely driven by sunlight
  • Able to float on top of pond
  • Max Water flow of pump is 150L/H
  • 1.6W solar panel (very efficient energy absorption)
  • Comes with 6 nozzle attachments for different water paterns and shapes
  • Max height of water flow up to 80cm
  • Fountain aerates the pond water and keeps water circulation
  • Weight of 197g


The Feelle solar powered floating fountain pump is highly efficient, with it’s in-built 1.6W solar panel and brushless pump. With over 6 nozzles to choose from, it’s a perfect all-in-one solution for anyone looking to get a solar fountain pump for their small pond.

Similar to the Ledgle, this fountain pump has to be in sunlight to work, with no internal battery. This could be a limiting factor because the solar panels are in-built, and therefore would not be suitable if your pond does not get any sunlight, unlike the Ledgle where the solar panel can be positioned separately to the fountain pump.


 What is a Solar Fountain Pump?

Solar fountain pumps provide an added aesthetic to any pond, spraying the water within the pond up into the air, usually in unique and visually attractive way.

Solar Fountain Pumps harness the solar energy of the sun through the solar panels (PV panels, also known as photo voltaic panels). They are used as an alternative to mains powered pumps, mainly because these have to be manually wired and connected to a mains socket and subsequently can be expensive to run, considering that a fountain pond pump is often turned on for long periods of time during the day/night.

Since the rate of energy, per second, collected from the sun depends on the size and quality of a pump’s solar panel, the larger the solar panel, the more powerful pump it can power.

However, with the limited physical size of the majority of affordable solar panels (below $200), they are often more suited to placement within smaller sized ponds, where the amount of water displacement required is minimal.

 Features of Solar Fountain Pumps

There are several advantages of using a solar-powered fountain pump system, opposed to a mains fountain pump. These include

  • Much easier to set up
  • Can be easily moved/removed
  • Doesn’t require any running costs
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Less Noisy

However, there are a few disadvantage of using a solar fountain pump system, these include

  • Less power output & subsequent lower water flow
  • Ideal for smaller sized ponds
  • Cloudy days can interfere with function, with reduced solar energy absorption
  • More expensive to purchase

 How can I find the best solar fountain pump for my pond?

It’s important to realise there are multiple factors that need to be considered, on a more broad spectrum balancing functionality with aesthetic features.

There are some more specific factors that should be considered when considering purchasing a solar-powered fountain pump, these include…

Power output and Water Flow

Generally, the higher the power output, the more powerful the pump will be. This will be determined by the unit of Wattage (W). The power will directly impact on the amount of water and the distance to which it can be projected into the air.

The majority of Solar Fountain Pumps have a variable flow rate, which is dependent on the strength of the sun and directional position of the solar panel in relation. This will therefore impact on its performance, especially on cloudy days. It’s very important that before considering a Solar Pond Pump, you have an idea to where exactly the pump will be positioned within the pond, giving you an indication to how much sunlight that particular spot will get, as this will impact on the power.

Regarding the water flow of the pump, despite having a similar output wattage, not all pond pumps provide the same strength of water flow, with some being more powerful than others.

To get the solar fountain pump that fulfils you needs aesthetically in it’s ability to project water up in the air, I recommend looking at the photos of the pump in action, alongside video footage.

The best Solar Fountain Pump to buy

We recommend the LEDGLE 5W Solar Fountain Pump, due to it’s incredible versatility and current level of positive feedback about its usability. At this price-point, it’s an astonishing product.

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